A personalized academic coaching service in Los AngeleS

When it comes to managing time, staying organized and finding effective study strategies, many students feel overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin. With so many competing priorities and inevitable distractions, it's no wonder why so many students struggle to achieve their true academic potential. All students benefit greatly from an academic environment that is adapted to their individual learning needs, but the classroom setting can make this difficult to achieve.

That's where Fisher Academic Coaching comes in.



Different from subject tutoring which focuses mostly on reteaching skills or content, Academic Coaching helps students develop the tools and strategies needed to be successful across all subject areas. As Academic Coaches, we guide and support students throughout the learning process by helping them develop and strengthen their time-management and organizational skills, and implement effective learning strategies. By working to build and maintain consistent habits, students will establish a strong academic foundation that will set them up for success in high school, college, and beyond.



Middle to high school students looking for a personalized academic support system. From students who need a better way to manage their time and prioritize assignments, to those who need more structure and organization, to those who need a bit of extra help grasping course concepts and implementing effective study strategies, Fisher Academic Coaching provides tailored guidance to help students succeed.  



  • Improved time management and organizational skills

  • Increased homework completion

  • Understanding of effective study strategies

  • Recognition of academic strengths

  • Knowledge of how to overcome academic difficulties

  • Increased motivation and confidence

  • And more...